Welcome to Folk & Friends

We offer a modern pub culture where the focus is spending quality time with friends and family along with plenty of games, and some truly great low alcohol craft beer. Our in-house fur child Chewie happily welcomes all of his dog friends.

Alli & Victor McCleary Olin

Come Visit!

We've got two Stockholm locations.

Beer for the people

Come enjoy a carefully selected variety of low alcohol craft beer. Drink from draft or go explore the curated fridges. All beer available for take away.

Dogs welcome, people tolerated

Folk & Friends is as much of a dog place as a beer place. Chewie, our own ``fur child`` happily welcomes all of his dog friends. Naturally there's plenty of treats for them as well.

Come play with us

We got stacks of games to gather your friends around. The games are free to use for all of our customers. Feel to come with game suggestions or bring your own.

NZ Craft Pies

We offer some seriously delicious New Zealand style pies. Hand crafted with love and quality ingredients in the town of Katrineholm by Tom & Victoria Simpson. Most things on our menu are vegetarian or vegan (along with a token meat option).

Business & pleasure

Missing us at work? With our concept Folk & Work we can curate your fridges, bring our pop-up bar or host a beer tasting.

Folking around

With Folk & Brew we are on a mission to create spectacular low alcohol craft beer with our brewery friends.